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TPC's Field Seminar Series: Charlotte, NC

Measuring the Social and Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Sector
Highlighting Veterans and Workforce Redevelopment Programs
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

TPC's Charlotte Nonprofit Impact Report can be accessed here.

On June 11th, TPC cohosted our first Field Seminar with the Foundation For The Carolinas (FFTC) in Charlotte. The seminar was a resounding success, with all attendees indicating they were 'more likely' or 'much more likely' to reach out to their elected officials. Additionally, over 97% of respondents gave a 4 or a 5 rating when asked to evaluate various aspects of the seminar.
Pictured: Guests convening at FFTC's event space in Charlotte

Josh Ward, Field Representative for U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)
Josh Ward, Field Representative for U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), opened the first panel, addressing Senator Burr's relationship with the philanthropic community and stressing the need for organizations to reach out to his office.

"Senator Burr has a long-standing interest in the charitable work in North Carolina. Just talk to us... And when you do, it is really important to present your numbers. We need you to let us know your impact." - Josh Ward, Office of Senator Richard Burr (R-NC)

During the first panel, Jeff Hamond, a member of TPC's Advisory Board, discussed the value of demonstrating your economic impact. Other individuals on the first panel included Stephanie Powers from the Council on Foundations and Thomas Meyer of the Philanthropy Roundtable.

"GDP, job creation, wages - staff members on Capitol Hill want to hear about all of that!" - Jeff Hamond, TPC Advisory Board Member

Session 1 Panelists (from L/R): Thomas Meyer, Stephanie Powers, Jeff Hamond, and TPC's Michael McHugh

Dr. Michael Haynie, Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University
To open the second panel, Dr. Michael Haynie of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families addressed the crowd, providing detailed statistics on the veteran population both nationally and in North Carolina.

The second session was moderated by Foundation For The Carolinas Executive Vice President Brian Collier. The panel discussion featured Cindi Basenspiler, Executive Director at Charlotte Bridge Home; Steve Partridge, President and CEO of Charlotte Works; and Rye Barcott, a veteran himself, author and entrepreneur. Cindi and Steve gave examples of successful programs in Charlotte and discussed their outreach efforts. Rye Barcott gave his personal perspective, telling the audience that companies should hire veterans "out of enlightened self-interest."

"Legislators want to know how you're affecting the bottom line," Steve said. "Take a look at the scalability of your program: if all of it isn't scalable, pick out the pieces that could be applied elsewhere." Cindi added, "Metrics are very important to us. We've achieved success if we've created a sustainable difference in someone's life and if we've created a scalable program."

Steve Partridge, right, addresses the crowd at FFTC. He is joined by Rye Barcott (left) and Cindi Basenspiler (center)

Audience members discuss the seminar.

Audience members gave terrific feedback. One evaluation form said, "Overall, enjoyed the seminar tremendously. Very interesting." Another said the discussion surrounding "forming partnerships and collaboration were important points." They added that the follow-up webinar "will be of real value."