The Philanthropy Collaborative

TPC's Field Seminar Series: Communicating Your Impact to Policymakers

TPC's new series of half-day seminars in philanthropy-rich cities around the country bring together grantmakers, charities, and local leaders to equip them with proven tools and resources to effectively communicate the sector's value to all levels of government. The seminars focus on drawing out and communicating grantmakings' economic impacts, with an emphasis on one or two issues of specific importance to the local community.
Pictured: Seminar at Foundation For The Carolinas, June 11, 2014

Pictured: Michael McHugh, Director of Federal Affairs for TPC
The first portion of the seminar clarifies why it's politically necessary to promote the work and economic impact of the nonprofit sector. TPC shares our own economic data and experience connecting with policymakers. We also work to bring in local and national officials and their representatives to help connect with community philanthropic groups. These guests help impress the need for quality outreach to lawmakers.

The panels include lively question and answer sessions with both representatives of elected officials and experts.
Pictured: Audience member Brenda Rorie, Charity League of Charlotte

Pictured (from L/R): Rye Barcott, Cindi Basenspiler, and Steve Partridge
A second session takes a more focused look at issues of particular importance to the local community. For this session, TPC works with local partners to showcase programs that have excelled at demonstrating and communicating their economic impacts.

The seminars are great opportunities to connect all parts of the philanthropic sector and create a greater understanding about the relationship between philanthropy and government. TPC works to ensure the entire day is informative and worthwhile: "You've set a high bar for our events," said Holly Stubbing, Executive Vice President at Foundation For The Carolinas.
Pictured: Attendees at TPC's joint event with Foundation For The Carolinas