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Regional Case Studies

Chattanooga RiverCity Company
Chattanooga, TN

In 1986, the RiverCity Company was created as a private nonprofit to implement a plan revitalizing Chattanooga's riverfront and downtown area. Twenty-six years later, Tennessee residents not only view downtown as a destination, but some have even relocated there to be closer to the thriving riverfront. When all the long-term social and economic benefits of the program are evaluated, and the multiplier effects are included, we find a total yield of $14.15 million in GDP and 192 jobs. At the highest level, we also know the program has attracted approximately $3.0 billion in construction investment since 1992 to downtown Chattanooga. If we assume this works out to about $100 million a year in construction, that adds about 2,000 jobs and $285.67 million in transactions to the economy.

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