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New Release: From Grand Vision to Grand Action: Revitalizing a Downtown and Demonstrating Philanthropy

The most recent report from TPC highlights the value of endowed philanthropy over the past three decades in Grand Rapids, Michigan. These long-term philanthropic investments, coordinated by the nonprofit organization Grand Action, have dramatically improved the landscape of the downtown. This report also underscores the power and importance of strategic giving, and captures the inclusive spirit of the public-private partnerships catalyzed by foundations.

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Economic Impacts of 2010 Foundation Grantmaking on the U.S. Economy

This report by TPC is a first-of-its-kind IMPLAN economic analysis showing that foundation grantmaking supports 8.8 million jobs, billions of dollars in wages, and adds $570 billion to the GDP over generations. The report also looks at the economic impacts of eight case studies from across the country.

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A Pathway to Revitalize America's Economy

This report discusses the impact foundation investments have on local economies, details the role the non-profit sector plays in basic, ground-level economic revitalization efforts across the country, and highlights eight innovative and evidence based programs targeted at the labor force. These include programs that have created jobs, expanded economic opportunity and provided workforce development.

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Creating Jobs & Building Communities

This report details the role that foundations and nonprofits play as a part of America's economic engine, particularly during economic downturns. The report highlights the support private and community foundations provide for job creation and training programs, and the role of foundations as laboratories of innovation. The report also provides eight case studies of how foundations work with nonprofits to invest in programs that create jobs and expand economic opportunities in their communities, from California to Maine.

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Responding in Crisis

This report focuses on the foundation community's response to the economic crisis. The study, authored by noted economist Dr. Doug Holtz-Eakin, found that foundations were swift, flexible and targeted in their response to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression - using on-the-ground knowhow to make a significant impact. This study is the first of its kind to analyze the private-sector response to the crisis and shows that the federal government's response was not the only story.

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Economic Benefits of Health Field Grants

Building on the success of our first study, TPC commissioned economist Dr. Phillip Swagel, a former Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at the U.S. Department of Treasury, to answer the question "who benefits" from foundation giving. Dr. Swagel analyzed a representative sample of health-related grants to determine who benefited from this grant making. The study finds that 2 of 3 grant dollars in health go toward benefiting underserved populations. This study expands our knowledge of how grants in the health field impact all communities, including low-income and minority populations.

Economic Benefits of Health Field Grants

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Foundation Dollars: An Economic Multiplier

On December 3, 2008, the Philanthropic Collaborative released a ground-breaking study by Dr. Robert Shapiro measuring the direct and indirect benefits foundation giving has on the America economy. Read more here...

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