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The Philanthropic Collaborative (TPC) represents key participants in philanthropy - private and community foundations, charities, elected officials and community leaders.

With major economic reforms under consideration, it is more critical than ever for the philanthropic community to join together to ensure policymakers understand the critical role foundations play in our everyday lives.

There is no better way to convey this story than through the words of those individuals on the front lines of the charitable community. Time, Talent and Treasure tells the true story of the charitable community in America - one voice at a time. It highlights the outstanding work being done in every corner of our country - work that strengthens the fabric of our communities while making the United States a better place to live.

Casper College Early Childhood Learning Center
The Casper College Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) provides life-enhancing opportunities for parents and children alike. Established in 1990, the ECLC serves as a preschool and childcare facility for the children of Casper College students and employees. (more)

Chattanooga RiverCity Company
In 1986, the RiverCity Company was created as a private nonprofit to implement a plan revitalizing Chattanooga's riverfront and downtown area. Twenty-six years later, Tennessee residents not only view downtown as a destination, but some have even relocated there to be closer to the thriving riverfront. (more)

Cherokee County Community Indicators Project
When leaders, neighbors and friends come together for a single purpose, they can have huge impacts on entire communities. In Cherokee County, South Carolina, the United Way of the Piedmont, the Cherokee County Community Foundation and the Upstate Workforce Investment Board formed a partnership in 2009 to conduct a community indicators project that would eventually be called "Cherokee 2020". (more)

DePaul Industries
DePaul Industries mission is putting people to work; providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to earn a lifetime stream of income that otherwise might not exist. The impact of providing an average lifetime income can have a net present value of over half a million dollars, so the multiplier effects of such workforce training and job placement can be tremendous. (more)

On October 8, 2011, local partners broke ground on a new type of school in Lincoln, Nebraska: a state of the art early education center aimed at nurturing the city's disadvantaged families. Educare is a research-based program that prepares at-risk children, under five years old, for school by investing in their first five years of life and learning. (more)

Georgia Aquarium
Cofounder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus gave a $250 million gift to seed development of Georgia Aquarium and help revitalize downtown Atlanta. Today, the aquarium is one of the country's biggest attractions. (more)

Mesilla Valley Community of Hope
The Mesilla Valley Community of Hope (MVCH) serves the area's homeless and unemployed population, providing them with the resources they need to better their lives and eventually transition out of homelessness. (more)

Mississippi HOPE Credit Union
More than 32 percent of Mississippians are unbanked or underbanked, meaning they either don't have a bank account or have limited access to financial services. Without access to financial services, how do you access credit for a car loan, business loan, a home mortgage or to put your child through college? HOPE is making a difference by offering affordable mortgages and financial services to disadvantaged communities in the Mid South. (more)

Virginia Opera Association
The Virginia Opera Association opened in 1974 and enjoys a working budget of $5.8 million with 32 mainstage performances in three markets reaching nearly 50,000 attendees. It has been hosting performances in three venues throughout the state - Norfolk, Richmond, and Fairfax - for more than 20 years. (more)

Jose Venegas has been with WriterzBlok, a San Diego-based graffiti art project that offers training in silk-screening and graphic design, since he dropped out of high school in the late 1990s. By stressing the importance of art in public space, Writerz Blok has also helped turn dilapidated, abandoned or blighted areas into sanctuaries for graffiti art. It also keeps kids out of trouble and off the street. (more)

Project for Pride in Living
The Project for Pride in Living (PPL), which specializes in housing assistance, was started by Joseph Selvaggio, a former Catholic priest, in the early 1970s. Forty years later, the program operates 1,014 affordable rental units in the Twin Cities, and has built or rehabbed over 2,000 single and multi-family units over the life of the program. Properties either tend to be in poorer neighborhoods acquired in bad repair, purchased from absentee landlords and refurbished or newly constructed multi-family buildings, to provide low-income families and individuals safe and stable housing opportunities. (more)

Women's Bean Project
Today, the 70 women who are employed in the Bean Project's one-year transitional employment program package dry mixes, including products like soup, brownie and cookie, salsa and dip mixes; and ready to eat food products such as jelly beans and chocolate covered espresso beans. During their tenure, participants also help with important office tasks like front desk work, shipping and receiving, bookkeeping and data entry. In return, they receive a wage and training in practical skills such as computer work, problem solving, and interpersonal communications. The program, which primarily employs women with felony backgrounds or spotty employment histories, grossed $1.7 million in sales in 2011 and sold products in 450 stores around the country. (more)

Incourage Community Foundation
"Because the paper industry was such a strong presence here, we never really needed to do extensive workforce development," said Kelly Ryan Lucas, the chief executive officer of the Community Foundation and chairwoman of the Workforce Central Funders Collaborative. "We had multiple generations that were used to just graduating from high school and going to work at the plant, and helping them figure out new options was a big shift for the community." (more)

New York Alliance for Careers in Health Care
Created by the New York City Innovation Fund, a collaborative of the New York City Workforce Development Funders Group and the New York City Department of Small Business Services, the Alliance, Tsang-Quinn notes, has union, non-profit, academic, industry associations and employer partners - everyone is at the table. "We all share the same goal - high quality care for patients," she said. "And everyone in the healthcare field is being asked to adjust very quickly to new delivery models. We want to make sure our workers and jobseekers are ready." (more)

Turning Point Center
As of 2011, the Turning Point Center was Houston's only homeless shelter for the elderly, and had helped more than 10,000 individuals. Desselle's contributions have not gone unnoticed; she was the only Texan to receive an Older Volunteers Enrich America Award in Washington, DC and has received numerous other local and national awards for her continuing work with the elderly homeless. (more)

Youth Build
YouthBuild, which is a national organization with a strong presence in Michigan, provides on the ground construction training for youth between the ages of 18 and 24 who have dropped out of high school. In addition to construction skills, the program offers counseling, life management skills, job readiness education and placement assistance. (more)

Young Americans Center for Financial Education
The nonprofit organization offers educational programs for youth that help build life skills, an understanding of the workplace, and financial self-sufficiency. These programs include Young AmeriTowne and International Towne: hands-on lessons in free enterprise and global economics, respectively. Young Americans also offers Get aHead for Business which encourages high school students to be entrepreneurs, and gives them the resources and education to be successful in their businesses. (more)

The Meadows Foundation and the Rio Star Grapefruit
The Rio Grande Valley stands as an international gateway to Mexico and an important agricultural center of Texas. A significant part of the state's heritage is rooted here, and the Valley's fertile soil and temperate climate make it an ideal location for growing citrus trees. The Meadows Foundation has committed well over $30 million to help safeguard the heritage and enrich the lives of the people who live and work in this unique part of Texas. (more)

Milestone Centers, Inc.
On any given day, Milestone's broad array of behavioral health and developmental disabilities services include providing community homes to elderly persons, helping deaf individuals suffering from schizophrenia, advocating for middle-aged individuals coping with depression, or providing best practice mobile therapy to children struggling with behavioral issues. It may be assisting a developmentally-challenged young woman with structured employment and job training or providing food and clothing to a homeless man with bipolar disorder. Milestone's services cover all of this and more; our mission means being there when, and where, the need is most urgent. (more)

Vermont Public Interest Research Group
There are more than 80,000 chemicals used in the United States, the vast majority of which have never been comprehensively tested to determine their potential health and environmental impacts. Many of these chemicals are in products used in our homes, schools and workplaces every day, and they can be found in our children's toys, our food and the millions of products that line store shelves across the country. It was this threat to people's health that led the Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) to take action. (more)

NCLR's Institute for Hispanic Health

NCLR's Institute for Hispanic Health (IHH) has developed science-based, bilingual curricula and educational materials on a number of diseases for use by its Affiliates. Over the past ten years, NCLR and its Affiliates have trained more than 200 lay health educators who have reached an estimated 10,000 individuals with prevention messages. (more)

Toledo Community Foundation
The rate of low weight births in Lucas County is among the highest in Ohio. In certain zip codes, the low weight births can be twice the average rate. As a result of these findings, the Toledo Community Foundation took a leadership role to fill a void of programming and funding. The Lucas County Initiative to Improve Birth Outcomes is a community partnership aimed at reducing the incidence of low birth weight babies in targeted, high-risk areas of Toledo. Through the program, those at risk are identified, connected to care, and the outcomes measured for efficacy. "Prevention is always better than treatment," says Elizabeth Ruppert, M.D., pediatrician and former member of the board of Toledo Community Foundation. "We know that today we can make changes and the fastest way to do that is to close the gap between first class comprehensive medical care and the delivery of that care." (more)

Academy Prep Center for Education
Academy Prep provides an exemplary, college preparatory middle school education along with a comprehensive set of life changing services. Students attend Academy Prep up to 11 hours a day, 6 days a week, 11 months of the year, and all are provided full-tuition scholarships. In addition, students participate in extracurricular activities on afternoons and weekends. Academy Prep has accomplished all this through reaching out to mentors and community partnerships in the Tampa Bay area. Boasting over 14,000 hours of service, the children's families, along with 25 corporations and civic groups, 30 non-profits partners, and 300 individuals actively engage the children throughout the year. (more)

Family Reading Partnership
The Family Reading Partnership is a non-profit, community-wide organization that promotes early literacy. They are a broad-based, local coalition of individuals, businesses, schools, libraries and other organizations. They have joined forces to create a culture of literacy in Ithaca by promoting family reading practices throughout the community. Together with a variety of community partners the Family Reading Partnership supports several programs in addition to Books at Birth, including the Books to Grow On program. (more)

Challenge Industries
Deafness and blindness were not about to define a smart and determined Teresa Battisti, or prevent her from living a full, well-rounded life. From her first meeting with the staff at Challenge, there was a sense that Teresa had found a place she could work and enjoy, while receiving the supportive services she needs. Today, Teresa has overcome her communication limitations and enjoys giving back to the charity that has given her so much.... (more)

Children's Theatre of Charlotte
Children's Theatre of Charlotte Children's Theatre of Charlotte was founded sixty-one years ago with a belief in the power of theatre, that arts are central to learning and that they delight, enlighten, and enchant. These beliefs are woven into their wide array of programs serving more than 321,000 young people and families every year. Education programs at Children's Theatre inspire creativity, confidence and a sense of community. Professional teaching artists lead students through engaging, interactive sessions. (more)

The DC Central Kitchen Table Tale
It may not be too much to say that Robert Egger runs an anti-hunger and job training conglomerate and that he is a one-man antipoverty think tank as well. His conglomerate goes by the name of the DC Central Kitchen (DCCK), but it is not a "soup kitchen," and it does far more than just feed the hungry. Indeed, it consists of eight different programs... (more)

The Prison Entrepreneurship Program Tale
One member of the group, Alvin Hammons, served 19 years in prison for attempted murder. Another, Edward Tobar, spent 12 years behind bars for manslaughter. Others were drug dealers, gang leaders or burglars. Indeed, name the offense, from aggravated assault to murder, and they have committed it... (more)

The Delancey Street Foundation Tale
West Magazine put it well: "A bank robber is broiling chickens. A jewel thief is refilling the water glasses. A waiter is talking about his time in San Quentin . . . Delancey Street might look like every other successful restaurant . . . but the menu here comes second to the mission: providing felons with a solid first step on the straight-and-narrow."... (more)

Everybody Wins! DC Tale
Starting in second grade, her lunchtime reading partner on Tuesdays gave Jasmine Harrison "someone to want to do well for and make proud," she says. Indeed, Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the partner, has been exceedingly proud not only of Jasmine-who is now a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University-but also of his overall participation in Everybody Wins! DC, the largest literacy and mentoring program in the Washington area.... (more)

Gillette Outreach Clinic Tale
Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare Logo When Wanda and Carey Schlecht of Willmar, Minn., took in foster son Cody at six weeks old, they were told that he had spina bifida, an incompletely developed spinal cord and covering. "We were told that he would probably never walk," recalls Wanda... (more)

Children's Scholarship Fund Tale
One mother worried that her kindergartner, a fast learner, wouldn't get the best education possible in a public school. Another fretted about her daughter's safety at an elementary school where police were rumored to have been called more than once. A third mother, who is on welfare, felt that a good private school education would open doors for her daughter that had been closed to her... (more)

St. Leo's Residence for Veterans Tale
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago - St. Leo Campus for Veterans There are an estimated 18,000 homeless veterans in the Chicago metropolitan area. Traveling the streets in search of food and shelter, many of these individuals find shelter wherever they can find it-under a bridge, an overnight shelter, or even a quiet, protected area. Making matters worse, many of these individuals suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), substance abuse and oftentimes a variety of other health problems... (more)

MOO Milk - Augusta, Maine
Working with the Aroostook Farm Bureau, the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), and the Maine Department of Agriculture, the group of 10 farmers created Maine's Own Organic Milk Company (MOO Milk), incorporating the company as an L3C in Vermont that year... (more)

Community CROPS - Lincoln, NE
Community CROPS began in 2003 as a program offering classes and low-cost garden space for people who wanted to grow their own vegetables. Community CROPS offered hands-on help for those just learning how to garden, so they could better provide for themselves and their families. In 2005, Community CROPS expanded by starting their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, selling farm shares and providing training to approximately 50 families.... (more)

TROSA - Durham, North Carolina
In 1994, with only $18,000 in the bank, recovering addict Kevin McDonald started Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abuse (TROSA). TROSA has since grown into a $10 million operation serving more than 400 people at a time in its intensive, two-year residential substance abuse treatment program. "I didn't know I couldn't do it," said McDonald. "So I did." (more)