UEFA Champions League draw – qualified teams and groups

The UEFA Champions League is the main club football tournament of the year. The competition is held every year, starting from the first round and ending with the final. The draw of the competition is the most important event of the season. The teams are drawn into various groups, which are divided into two sections: the first is the “play-off zone”, where the teams play for the right to enter the next stage of the tournament; the second is the group stage, where the draw determines the positions of the teams in the tournament table.
The draw of Champions League draws are held every season, but this year the event has become more interesting due to the fact that the number of teams participating in the competition has increased significantly. The main changes in the draw of this season are:
1. The number of groups has increased. The number is now 22, including the group winners.
2. The teams have been divided into 4 groups.
3. In the draw, the teams will be divided into the following groups:
* Group 1;
* Group 2;
3* Group 3.
4. Each team will play against the teams from the same group once.
5. After the match, the results of both teams will not be counted.
6. If the score is level, the draw will determine who will move to the next round.
7. Before the match ends, the lines of the two teams will again be drawn.
8. This draw will be held after the match.
9. It is possible that the score will be even.
10. The lines of both the teams can be drawn even if the score was not even. This is the case, for example, if the teams played a draw game.
11. The score of the game is not decisive.
12. The team that scores the most goals in the game will be declared the winner.
13. The game will not end if a goal is scored in the last seconds.
14. The last round will be played over two legs.
15. The first match will be won by the team that scored the most points in the second match.
16. The second match will end in a draw.
17. The third match will not count.
18. The fourth match will count if the team scores the maximum number of goals.
19. The fifth match will only count if there is a goal difference.
20. The sixth match will also not count if a team scores a goal.
21. The seventh match will always count if both teams score the maximum amount of goals in a match. If one of the scores is equal, the team will be eliminated from the competition.
22. The eighth match will decide the fate of the team.
23. The ninth match will determine the fate if the game ends in a tie.
24. The tenth match will result in a decisive match. The match will go to a penalty shoot.
25. The eleventh match will have a decisive result.
26. The twelfth match will lead to the winner of the group.
27. The thirteenth match will take place if the winner has already been decided in the tenth match. In this case, the match will continue.
28. The fourteenth match is a penalty kick.
29. The fifteenth match has a decisive outcome.
30. The sixteenth match decides the winner and the subsequent champion.
31. The seventeenth match will see the winner decide the champion.

The Champions League matches are held in a special stadium, which is called the Champions League Arena. The stadium has a capacity of 20,000 spectators.
In the draw for the Champions league, the following teams are divided:
β€’ Eintracht Frankfurt;
β€’ Eintim point;
Β· Shakhtar Donetsk;
● Manchester City;
1* Barcelona;
2* Bayern;
4* Juventus;
5* Real Madrid.
All the teams are in the top 4 of the standings. The top 4 teams will play in the next season, and the winners of the Champions and Europa League will be determined.
in the Champions Cup
The main event of this year’s Champions Cup is the draw. The tournament is held in the same stadium, and it is also called the “Champions Cup Arena”. The draw is held on the same day as the Champions’ League matches. The matches are played on the field, but the fans are able to watch the games via a special television. The Champions Cup draws are important for the teams that are in contention for the title. The most important thing is to win the right for entering the next Champions League round. The following teams will enter the Champions cup:
Β· Barcelona;
Β· Bayern; Real; Juventus.
Each team will have 8 matches.
Β· The draw will take into account the results from the previous matches. Real will be in the first position, and Barcelona will be the second.
β€’ The draw for this season will be made on the first of May.
At the end of the draw the following positions will be decided:
● Champions League;
● Europa League.

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